Do Not Hug Your Friend After Striking Him Out

*This is apparently a few days old but I just saw it today*

Are you KIDDNG me? I don’t care how good of friends we are, I don’t care what we’ve been through in life together, do not, I repeat, do NOT, EVER, hug me after a strikeout. This could be Game 7 of the world series or a JV scrimmage. The fact that this kid did not beat the pitcher senseless is the truly amazing part here. I don’t wanna hear about sportsmanship, friendship, not a thing. This dickhead pitcher trying to be a good guy has now caused a video of his “friend” standing there in the box with his bat sitting right on his shoulder like a god damn parrot on a pirate. Thats bad enough. Then he’s gotta see himself get hugged in what turned out to be a statewide TV audience. Guess what buddy, you do that to me, we’re no longer friends. You just struck out my state championship dreams, then you gave me the last hug you’ll ever give me. I don’t think theres any way you come back from that as that hitter. Your friendship and now your baseball career are over. Welcome to the real world, bud.

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